Safety Equipment

Select from a wide range of safety equipment. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

Non Contact Infrared Thermometer
1,600.01 400.00 400.0 ZAR

This CE certified and FDA approved Infrared Thermometer, give accurate temperature readings for adults and children without making contact. BATTERIES INCLUDED
Infrared Thermometer NX-2000
1,667.50 917.13 917.13 ZAR
Fast temperature measurement: measuring time is less than 1 second.
Hygi X Hand Sanitiser 500ml
120.00 120.00 120.0 ZAR
A fast acting and rinseless antispetic alcoholic handrub containing Chlorhexidine and Alcohol that kills germs
First Aid Regulation 3 Refill Kit
240.09 240.09 240.09 ZAR
Everything you need to refill an first aid kit so that it conforms to official regulation 3 standards
Regulation 7 First Aid Kit
477.25 477.25 477.25 ZAR
Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit Large (5-50 Persons)
Regulation 3 First Aid Plastic Box (with content)
446.89 446.89 446.89 ZAR
Government Regulation 3 First Aid Kit Large (5-50 Persons) in portable White Pastic Box
Regulation 3 First Aid Metal Box (with Contents)
621.40 621.40 621.4 ZAR
Government Regulation 3 First Aid Kit Large (5-50 Persons) in White Metal Box
12V Amber Revolving Light
255.00 255.00 255.0 ZAR
Quality revolving magnetic amber light for construction vehicles. Plugs into cigarette lighter via a 3.6m self recoiling cord
Orange Traffic Cone 450mm
110.40 110.40 110.4 ZAR
Flexable weighted 450mm traffic cone for construction, mining, industry, traffic, police etc
Barrier Netting Orange/Yellow 1M x 50M
319.78 319.78 319.78000000000003 ZAR
Demarcate your working area by making use of this industrial barrier netting.
4.5kg Fire Extinguisher DCP
379.73 379.73 379.73 ZAR
The DCP 4.5kg Fire Extinguisher is fitted with a high pressure discharge hose and discharge nozzle which locates onto a L-shape nozzle holder fixed to the foot ring of the extinguisher.
Roadside Emergency Kit
225.00 225.00 225.0 ZAR
Don't get caught short without this vehicle kit
3.8L Steel Plunger Can with dasher
1,994.96 1,994.96 1994.96 ZAR
Plunger Dispensing Can, 3.8 litres, Perforated Pan Screen Serves As Flame Arrester.
Rebel Basic Fall Arrest Harness
480.01 480.01 480.01 ZAR
Basic harness with double lanyard and scaffold hooks
Guardian Angel Basic Harness
486.38 486.38 486.38 ZAR
Full Body Harness that has a double lanyard and scaffolding hooks
Bova Standard Harness: Double Leg Lanyard with Snap Hooks
379.50 379.50 379.5 ZAR
This is a standard harness with non-specialised features and is recommended for those who need to navigate obstacles while working at heights
Air Hood Sign 190
16.15 16.15 16.15 ZAR
Air Supplied Safety Sign is used to inform workers that a air supplied hood must be worn in this area
Barrier Tape Black/Yellow (500M)
101.89 101.89 101.89 ZAR
Temporary danger marking or to create a temporary barrier. Barrier tape is affordable and light weight and is part of the safety offiers toolkit
Viking Ce 150 Red Life Jacket
1,811.25 1,811.25 1811.25 ZAR