First Aid Kits

Select from a wide range of First Aid equipment including signage and regulation 7 and regulation 3 first aid kits for the workplace. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

First Aid Regulation 3 Refill Kit
240.09 240.09 240.09 ZAR
Everything you need to refill an first aid kit so that it conforms to official regulation 3 standards
Regulation 7 First Aid Kit
477.25 477.25 477.25 ZAR
Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit Large (5-50 Persons)
Regulation 3 First Aid Plastic Box (with content)
446.89 446.89 446.89 ZAR
Government Regulation 3 First Aid Kit Large (5-50 Persons) in portable White Pastic Box
Regulation 3 First Aid Metal Box (with Contents)
621.40 621.40 621.4 ZAR
Government Regulation 3 First Aid Kit Large (5-50 Persons) in White Metal Box
Roadside Emergency Kit
225.00 225.00 225.0 ZAR
Don't get caught short without this vehicle kit
Sign First Aid 190X190
16.15 16.15 16.15 ZAR
First Aid Equipment Sign is used to indicate where the first aid box and any other form of first aid equipment can be found.
First Aid Blood Spillage Kit
87.77 87.77 87.77 ZAR
Official Regulation blood spillage kit for use with regulation first aid kits
First Aid Compact Kit - Plastic Box -Shops/Office Con
294.98 294.98 294.98 ZAR
Compact First Aid kit for Shops and Offices who need to conform to regulations