Hazardous Chemical PPE

Our Hazchem PPE range is designed to protect you from potentially dangerous chemical exposures that could lead to injuries or health complications. The products you will find here include chemical-resistant gloves, protective coveralls, safety goggles, respirators, face shields, and more, all compliant with the latest safety standards and guidelines.

Dupont Tyvek 500 Xpert Disposable Coverall
The robust yet lightweight Tyvek Coverall includes a 3-piece hood for optimal fit to head and face when turning.
201.74 201.74 ZAR

This product will be dispatched in 1-3 working days.

Drizit Biohazard Spill Kit
Quickly clean up BIOHAZARD spills and disinfect the spill area with this spill kit.
1,242.00 1242.0 ZAR

This product has a 4-5 work day lead time.

Green Nitrile Chemical Gloves
The REBEL Green Nitrile Chemical Gloves are designed to offer protection against most acids, bases and solvents and are suitable for chemical and food industries, laboratories, environmental clean-ups and janitorial applications. Caution must be exercised with chemicals of a high concentration.

These quality gloves have been designed with a flock-lined coating on the inside for easy donning and a raised honeycomb pattern design for increased grip. A gauntlet elbow length cuff provides additional protection and the curved finger design helps to reduce wearer fatigue.
34.99 34.99 ZAR

Dromex Category III Chemical Glove
Category 3 Chemical Glove to reduce micro organism risk
70.00 70.0 ZAR

This product us no longer av

ChemDefend Series 310 Chemical Suit
The ChemDefend® 310 series of garments are constructed from a unique nonwoven composite which has been engineered to offer a high level of barrier to the permeation of inorganic chemicals and infective agents.
511.75 511.75 ZAR

uvex ultravision red gas tight fire goggles
Most of the safety goggles have indirect ventilation. These safety goggles are gas-tight and meet the recommendations of the German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) for protective clothing against infection
487.49 487.49 ZAR