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Ensure the safety of your workforce with our extensive range of fall arrest equipment at FTS Safety. From harnesses and lanyards to anchor points and retractable lifelines, our carefully curated selection of fall protection gear is designed to meet the needs of various industries. Browse our top-quality products and invest in the safety of your team today. Trust FTS Safety for reliable, durable, and compliant fall arrest solutions.. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

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REBEL Inertia Self Retracting Device (6 Metre)
This product has been designed to be used in a covered environment which is not exposed to the outdoor elements for extended periods of time
Certified to a maximum of 140kg for human use. The user must be a minimum of 59kg
This device has a solid handle integrated into the body to allow for ease of use
Individually packed in a box and serial numbered, with user instruction leaflet and carabiner
3,599.01 3599.01 ZAR

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REBEL Inertia Temporary Horizontal Lifeline (20 Metre)
The 20 Metre Temporary Horizontal Lifeline has versatile straps used to setup between 2 anchor points. Designed to be used in a covered environment which is not exposed to the outdoor elements for extended periods of time. Certified to a maximum of 2 x 140kg users – 280kg, 50mm wide D-Ring (anchor point), corrosion-resistant steel ratchet.
2,099.00 2099.0 ZAR
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Rebel Basic Fall Arrest Harness
Basic harness with double lanyard and scaffold hooks
575.00 575.0 ZAR
MSA Latchways Harness
The MSA Latchways® PRD is a lightweight, unobtrusive personal rescue device that is an integrated full body harness system for self-rescue. In the event of a fall the device lowers the person gently to the ground in a controlled descent.
14,112.80 14112.800000000001 ZAR

Msa Cse Kit With Pump & Sampling Line
Workman CSE Kit, 50' Workman Rescuer, 65' Workman Winch, Stainless Steel Cable, (2) Pulleys, (2) Carabiners (CSA Version)
18,112.50 18112.5 ZAR

1,380.00 1380.0 ZAR

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