Do you need Basic First Aid & CPR Training for your staff?

FTS Safety offers a two day First Aid Level 1 training in Durban and Johannesburg for unit standard 119567. This is the correct course for company compliance with the Department of Labour

The basic first aid & CPR training course is aimed at teaching students how to perform basic life support and first aid procedures.

FTS Safety uses the new syllabus for First Aid
The old syllabus is no longer recognised by the Department of Labour

What you can expect from the FTS Training Academy

  • Experienced & Registered Facilitators
  • Choose your location - With training branches in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pietermatritzburg offering public classes or onsite training/ at your premises for 5 or more learners.
  • Successful first aid course candidates are issued with a certificate of competence
  • Both new and refresher first aid training 

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First Aid Level 1 Course Content

 For more information on First Aid Training please have a look at the course content.

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FTS Safety makes first aid training simple and affordable

Join the over 10K students trained, certified and competent, by choosing the FTS Training Academy

FTS Safety first aid training classes give you the information and the skills you need to help adults and children during many emergency situations. Available in person at at of our branches in South Africa or at your workplace. We combine theory with hands-on skills sessions as per the latest regulations.
The first aid training and certification process in South Africa now takes 2 days of in class training to complete and an additional assignment. The value of being able to deliver the care that someone needs while waiting for medical professionals to arrive is invaluable.

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Hear from some of our basic first aid compliant clients

Telstar Technologies

"FTS Safety Academy has successfully established rapport and gained the trust of our employees with their winning personality and eagerness to serve. As a beneficiary of their expense, we at Telstar Technology can say that the performance at FTS Safety Academy has been able to meet and exceed our expectations."

- Mahomed Bayat


"Not only was it a pleasure to communicate with them for the initial arrangements, but we also found their tutoring and training very professional and of a high standard. The whole process was done in the time limit set by our client. We trust that they will be successful in what they do for many years to come." 

- Paul Du Plessis

IDL Fresh South Africa

"FTS Safety Academy conducted training to our staff, for various health and safety courses. Not only was it a pleasure to communicate with them for the initial arrangements, but we also found their tutoring and training very professional, and of a high standard. The whole process was done within the time limit set by our client, and certificates were received timeously."

Caryn Potgieter


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What you can expect from the FTS Training Academy 


Looking for a first aid course near you?

With branches in both Johannesburg, Durban,Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg you can choose any location convenient for yourself.

              People also ask

              In level one of the first aid training, the course covers how to control bleeding; what to do in the event of a head, neck or back injury; how to assess and treat injuries to limbs; how to respond to burns; how to treat minor injuries; how to identify and assess altered mental status; what to do in the event someone is experiencing ...

              What Does First Aid Level 1 consist of?

              Level one of the first aid course covers – Adult and Child CPR & Choking, Emergency scene management & safety, Wounds, Bleeding, Burns, Shock, Vital signs, Unconsciousness, Fainting, Fractures, Bandaging, Splinting, Head & Spinal Injuries, Impaled objects, Head to toe, Vital signs, Electrocution, Patient history, Basic bites & stings, ...

              How much does it cost to get basic first aid & CPR certified?

              Two Day Course - From R950

              Both new and refresher first aid training students can get trained from R950 per person

              Whats the difference between First Aid Level 1 and BLS

              BLS is designed for people in the medical industry. First Aid Level 1 is a course for First Aiders for regular companies. First Aid Level 1 is the course that the Department of Labour is looking for when they check your Safety compliance. 

              Yes, FTS Safety can run the BLS course but it is not one of our public classes. Unfortunately it is a very expensive course as the material is available from the American Heart Association

              How hard it is to pass First Aid?

              Most people should not have any problem passing First Aid Level. You need to have at least a Grade 9 certificate or any further qualification. Our facilitators are able to assist you if you have any particular disabilities