Flowchart style safety files

Even the best Microsoft Word template is no match for the speed and accuracy of Safesite

Safesite is our solution to managing safety files. When we decided to build this into our business we tried everything to make the process faster and more accurate. Complex Word and Excel documents with merge tags. Slow web based solutions where you upload documents one tiny bit after the next tiny bit are curse the lack of 3G coverage in a remote construction site

Safesite is a offline solution that is specifically designed for creating great safeyfiles and nothing else. 

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We believe that all the South African documents are included. Find one we don't have and we'll source it


Full training can be provided along with step by step to complete your first file


We make all upgrades available free of charge to our customers


No monthly debit orders - simple annual licence renewal

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one on one walk through of the system with a safety officer

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Support Pack R2000

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