This basic appointment is critical for your business

If you think that a SHE Rep is just an appointment for your file or an additional roll of red tape that an out of touch Department of Labour requires you are missing out  

SHE Rep Appointments are the building blocks of a safety management system

A SHE Rep is mandated by law in the OHS Act for a very good reason. Most business owners who have over 20 staff don't understand how this role works and so they don't get the full value of this role.

What's more is that the position is not even a paid one - the law requires that your SHE rep is nominated and they don't need to receive additional remuneration no matter what their salary grade is!

We're trying to share this knowledge with business owners and have put together what I think is the most comprehensive guide and toolkit for maximising the utility of this role in your business.

Get our FREE step by step guide on how to nominate, train and document your SHE Rep for your company.

Included are

  • Appointment Letter Templates

  • Training guide

  • Safety Meeting Minute Templates

  • 6 actionable emails which take you through the process step-by-step

Shortcut your learning curve 



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