Royal Blue Workwear Range

Firstly there is Royal Blue which dominates the market in South Africa.  Over 70% of workwear in South Africa is Royal Blue.

The blue colour is a hallmark of uniforms which convey loyalty to the company repair work and manual labour. Its the cheapest workwear and is used in municipalities and in construction. Royal Blue is safe, to us it says things will carry on as normal. You feel you can trust someone in a royal blue overall.

Royal Blue Workwear

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Complete Workwear Solution
Size Fit Stage

We cannot recommend strongly enough that if you are branding garments you take advantage of a full size fit. We send you a complete size curve and your staff try on the garments to confirm their sizes. Save up to 15% by reducing mistakes with this method. Guaranteed a perfect fit and delivery

Embroidery & Branding for Navy Workwear

We have and embroidery team on call and they can customise your workwear with your corporate branding. As part of this service we quality check all garments on return to ensure that the work is done correctly.

Packing per employee

Its a small touch but saves you a lot of time when each employee receives a single package containing their workwear, their safety shoes and and additional PPE that you are issuing. Save weeks of hassles and missing stock by reducing the step of sorting before distributing.


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