Zulu Language Safety Classes

We at FTS Safety Group believe that the  message of safety is important in the language that helps you understand best .  With this in mind, we are launching our safety courses in isiZulu at our Durban branch. 

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Here are a few reasons why Zulu safety courses are important

Communication is a critical component of a good and safe working environment. If you cannot communicate well, a lot could go wrong. 77.8% of KwaZulu Natal residents speak isiZulu as a native language. Language is the barrier to understanding when learning something for the first time. Language facilitates the learning of new concepts and skills.

Training offered in one’s native language ensures that employees do not encounter a language barrier. The language barrier forces students to convert the information into their first language before understanding it. There could be errors in the interpretation of the material. It has been proven that human brains comprehend the subject matter more efficiently when trained in native languages. This means that employees would better understand the training and retain the information.

People taught in languages that are not their own tend to find it difficult to understand complex topics. First aid in Zulu would be easier to understand than one offered in English. Studies have also shown that providing learning materials in languages they know well makes adults comfortable with the content.

Classes conducted in the mother tongue also make communication easier between the teacher and the pupil. It is easier to ask and answer questions in your native language. Learners can articulate themselves better in the class and have the confidence to ask questions when they do not understand. 

Failing to address your learners in their native language can result in slower learning times. It can even result in failed learning objectives and be fatal for some training. Not understanding safety training and safety procedures could lead to injury or fatality. The misinterpretation of training material also leads to decreased productivity and lost revenue. The US Occupational Health and Safety Administration claims that language barriers contribute to 25% of job-related incidents. Workers must be sufficiently trained in health and safety practices in the workplace to ensure the safety of everyone.

Upcoming Zulu Safety Classes

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Zulu Health & Safety Rep Course

  • 28 February (Zulu Instruction)

  • 30 March (Zulu Instruction)

Zulu First Aid Level 1 Course

  • 22-23 February (Zulu Instruction)

  • 28-29 March (Zulu Instruction)

Zulu Fire Prevention Level 1 Course

  • 24 February (Zulu Instruction)

  • 31 March (Zulu Instruction)

Zulu Working @ Heights

  • 25 February (Zulu Instruction)

  • 25 March (Zulu Instruction)