Someone dies in a shack fire every other day... This is how the FTS Safety Group is working together to save lives

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This is how FTS Safety is working together to save lives.

What Is The Sparc Project and Why Was It Started?

"On average in South Africa over the last five years there are ten shack fires a day with someone dying in a shack fire every other day."

The FTS Safety SPARC project is a Google Impact Challenge Entrant and aims to reduce and eliminate fires in informal settlements in South Africa. This initiative of Durban based Safety Company FTS Safety is premised on the fact that 97% of all accidents are a combination of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.

Through this project we work with community leaders to identify volunteers from the informal settlements who we train in fire prevention and we provide them with fire extinguishers/blankets and ask them to go back into their community to identify and alert residents and authorities to unsafe conditions and unsafe acts.

Meet The Sparc Team


Sandy Reddy
Bathobile  Shange
Terri Reddy