Select from a wide range of Gloves with FTS Safety.  We believe that selecting the right glove can pay for itself in confidence and the speed you can work when you are sure that you are protected. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

Yellow Rubber Household Gloves
15.00 15.00 15.0 ZAR
Latex glove for general light wet conditions.
Uvex Unipur PU Finger Coated Gloves
72.00 72.00 72.0 ZAR
The uvex unipur 6639 is suitable for precision mechanical work in dry to slightly damp work environments.
Uvex Unipur Nitrile Gloves
80.01 80.01 80.01 ZAR
The uvex unipur 6634 is suitable for precision mechanical work in damp work environments, particularly when working outdoors. EN388:4133
Uvex Unilite Foam Palm Coated Gloves
65.00 65.00 65.0 ZAR
The uvex unilite 6605 is a lightweight, comfortable knitted glove with breathable nitrile foam coating, which is excellently suited to delicate assembly work and other sensitive activities. EN388:4122
uvex unilite 6610F safety gloves
110.01 110.01 110.01 ZAR
excellent fit. highly breathable nitrile foam coating. good dry and wet grip high flexibility. EN388:4121
uvex Unigrip Pl Gloves
59.63 59.63 59.63 ZAR
uvex unigrip PL and CL: protective gloves for damp and wet working environments
Uvex Unigrip Gloves
66.00 66.00 66.0 ZAR
Good grip in wet and dry working areas.
Uvex Uniflex Blue Gloves
65.38 65.38 65.38 ZAR
excellent fit and very durable
certified to EN 388 (4 1 1 1)
very high abrasion resistance


maintenance work
machine construction
transport industry
Uvex Unidur HPPE PU - GREY Glove
325.00 325.00 325.0 ZAR
Uvex Unidur Foam HPPE Gloves
195.01 195.01 195.01 ZAR
Reliable cut protection with HPPE/fibreglass combination. Maximum blade cut resistance (level 5/C), very high abrasion resistance, very high tear resistance. EN388:4X43C
Uvex Profastrong Chemical Gloves
80.01 80.01 80.01 ZAR
Thanks to its good resistance, the popular uvex profastrong NF33 chemical protection glove really shines when it comes to handling harmful oils, grease and liquids. EN388:4101 EN374 ASKL
Uvex Profapren Chemical Gloves
95.00 95.00 95.0 ZAR
The chloroprene chemical protection glove with flocked cotton liner protects wearers against many mechanical and chemical risks.
Uvex Profaflex Pvc Red40Cm Gauntlet/Pb35 gloves
99.87 99.87 99.87 ZAR
Very good resistance against chemicals and mineral oil
Uvex Phynomic XG Gloves
131.00 131.00 131.0 ZAR
excellent grip when working with oils
very high abrasion resistance
excellent skin tolerance and free from pollutants
uvex phynomic M1 wet safety gloves
125.01 125.01 125.01 ZAR
The uvex phynomic series is ideal for all types of work where a high level of feeling is required. These safety gloves are like a "second skin". EN388:4131
uvex phynomic m1 foam dry safety gloves
103.01 103.01 103.01 ZAR
The uvex phynomic series is ideal for all types of work where a high level of feeling is required. These safety gloves are like a "second skin"
uvex phynomic c5 gloves
619.00 619.00 619.0 ZAR
Uvex Helix C300 Wet Gloves HPE Coating
458.68 458.68 458.68 ZAR
The damp-resistant cut protection glove. Protection, comfort, tactility and efficiency with level 3/C cut protection
Uvex Green C500 foam Gloves
746.18 746.18 746.1800000000001 ZAR
This high-tech safety glove combines all of these qualities with the highest level of cut protection, level 5/C. The uvex C500 foam is especially suitable for dry or slightly damp working conditions.