Select from a wide range of Gloves with FTS Safety.  We believe that selecting the right glove can pay for itself in confidence and the speed you can work when you are sure that you are protected. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

Dromex 7gg Machine Knitted (crochet) 600gpd Bleached Seamless Gloves
5.70 5.70 5.7 ZAR
This glove is suitable for use in warehousing, general maintanance and liner glove.
Hennox Polka Dot glove
7.52 7.52 7.5200000000000005 ZAR
Dromex 7gg Machine Knitted (crochet) 750gpd with Blue PVC Double Dotted Seamless Gloves
10.01 10.01 10.01 ZAR
Knit construction glove stretches for excellent fit providing comfort and protection of the hand
DROMEX Nylon lightweight Inspectors gloves
10.01 10.01 10.01 ZAR
Ultra thin & lightweight with dust and lint retardant inherent properties. Use to eliminate fingerprint residue or as a glove liner
Guardian Angel Softmax Black Gloves Inspectors Gloves
14.00 14.00 14.0 ZAR
Glove used in a wide variety of industries for handling. EN388:3131
Yellow Rubber Household Gloves
15.00 15.00 15.0 ZAR
Latex glove for general light wet conditions.
Mapa Vital 115 Liquidproof Glove
15.53 15.53 15.530000000000001 ZAR
Dexterity and optimized resistance to oils and greases
Tru Touch Red PVC Medium Weight Wrist Gloves
16.00 16.00 16.0 ZAR
The Red PVC Medium is a general purpose wrist length handling glove that is fit for greasy, oily and wet work environments and has good resistance to soft chemicals.
Crayfish Glove
16.00 16.00 16.0 ZAR
The Crayfish Glove is a durable, excellent gripping glove with a cotton crochet liner and dipped natural rubber finish. The cuff of the Crayfish Glove is an elasticated knit wrist safety cuff. EN388: 2142.
Dromex Standard Duty PVC Gloves Knitted Wrist – Red
16.10 16.10 16.1 ZAR
STANDARD DUTY PVC GLOVES - Suitable for use in Alcohol & glycol ethers, Chemicals, Oils, Fats and Petroleum hydrocarbons
Pvc Glove 27 Cm Open Cuff (Wrist)
17.00 17.00 17.0 ZAR
Standard Weight PVC Glove with a fabric reinforced PVC dip-coat. These are suitable for general handling applications and come chemical applications
Mapa Vital 180 Liquidproof Glove
18.27 18.27 18.27 ZAR
Dexterity and optimized resistance to oils and greases
Dromex Gripper Crinkle Rubber Palm
20.00 20.00 20.0 ZAR
Provides excellent grip and dexterity for use in the building and wire industry. EN388:2243
Dromex Anti static gloves
21.51 21.51 21.51 ZAR
Dromex Black Chip Palm Pvc Glove
22.20 22.20 22.2 ZAR
A beast of a glove for use in environments where grip is essential
Dromex Anti Static Seamless Carbon Gloves
24.00 24.00 24.0 ZAR
High sensitivity on fingers and high dexterity for use in electronics and eletronic assembly. EN388: 4131.