Sign Warning Moving Machinery 290x290

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    Introducing the TGA290WW17 Sign - Warning of Moving Machinery, an essential safety sign for any workplace or public space where the risk of injury from moving machinery is present.

    Measuring 290mm x 290mm, this high-quality sign features a bold, eye-catching image of gears and cogs in motion, making it easy to identify the potential hazard of moving machinery. The universally recognized "moving machinery" symbol is also prominently displayed, making it clear to everyone that caution is required in the area.

    Made from durable materials, this sign is designed to withstand the elements and resist fading, ensuring that it remains effective for years to come. It can be easily mounted on any smooth surface, such as a wall or door, using adhesive tape or other mounting hardware (not included).

    The TGA290WW17 Sign - Warning of Moving Machinery is ideal for use in a wide range of settings, including manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and other areas where heavy machinery is in use. By clearly indicating the potential hazard of moving machinery, it can help to prevent accidents, injuries, and other incidents that can occur when machinery is not properly managed or isolated.

    In addition, this sign can also help businesses and organizations comply with legal requirements around workplace safety and public safety. By displaying this sign in a prominent location, you can demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a safe and well-prepared environment for all.