Safety Barriers

Safety barriers prevent demarcate or prevent movement into hazardous areas. From hard barriers such as fencing that physically restrict passage to soft barriers which indicate danger FTS Safety is able to provide you with a solution.  For help with a specific requirement reach out to the support team.

Knuffi Type R50 1M Black/Yellow
595.17 595.17 595.17 ZAR
Knuffi Type R30 1M Black/Yellow
433.77 433.77 433.77 ZAR
Orange Traffic Cone 450mm
110.40 110.40 110.4 ZAR
Flexable weighted 450mm traffic cone for construction, mining, industry, traffic, police etc
Barrier Netting Orange/Yellow 1M x 50M
319.78 319.78 319.78000000000003 ZAR
Demarcate your working area by making use of this industrial barrier netting.
Barrier Tape Black/Yellow (500M)
101.89 101.89 101.89 ZAR
Temporary danger marking or to create a temporary barrier. Barrier tape is affordable and light weight and is part of the safety offiers toolkit
Barrier Tape White/Red (75 x 500)
100.05 100.05 100.05 ZAR
Barrier Net 1M X 50M
357.11 357.11 357.11 ZAR
Knuffi Wall Protection Kit - Corner
476.15 476.15 476.15000000000003 ZAR
Knuffi Type R50 1M White/Red
263.29 263.29 263.29 ZAR
Knuffi Type R30 1M White/Red
224.95 224.95 224.95000000000002 ZAR
Knuffi Type B 5M Black/Yellow
1,247.85 1,247.85 1247.8500000000001 ZAR
Knuffi Type B 1M Black/Yellow
194.70 194.70 194.70000000000002 ZAR
Knuffi Type A Glow In The Dark
329.87 329.87 329.87 ZAR