Do you need Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment training for your staff in Pretoria?

FTS Safety offers 1 Day Safety Legislation Training in Pretoria and and surrounding towns for unit standard 120330 

What you can expect from the FTS Training Academy

  • Experienced & Registered Facilitators

  • Choose your location - Training at your premises or at any of our public classes in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria or Pietermaritzburg

  • Choose your location - With training branches in both Durban and Johannesburg offering public classes and onsite training/ at your premises for 5 or more learners.

  • Successful candidates are issued with a hazard identification and risk assessment training certificate of competence

  • Both new and refresher HIRA students can get trained

Our friendly and readily available co-oordinators are ready to speak to you.
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HIRA Training in Cape Town

Why choose FTS Training Academy?

Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Expert Guidance: Our seasoned and registered facilitators will be your mentors and allies throughout this learning adventure.

  2. Location Flexibility: Whether you prefer the convenience of our public classes in Pretoria or a personalized experience at your premises, we've got you covered. We also have branches that can train your Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment candidates in Cape Town, Durban, Germiston and Pietermarizburg

  3. Certificates of Competence: Successful candidates will be awarded a HIRA certificate, a testament to their newly-acquired skills and proficiency.

  4. Catering to All: We welcome both new and returning students seeking to refresh their HIRA knowledge.

  5. Approachable & Responsive: Our amiable coordinators are always at the ready, eager to connect with you and address your needs.

Take the first step towards a safer work environment. Reach out to us, and together, let's make safety training simple.

Fully Accredited Training 

Pretoria Training Co-ordinator

Claire Chetty

Claire - FTS Safety Pretoria

Telephone: 010 005 0491
Whatsapp: 071 884 4390
email: [email protected]
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 Safety professionals chose FTS Safety
Mahomed Bayat - Telstar Technologies

FTS Safety Academy has successfully established rapport and gained the trust of our employees with their winning personality and eagerness to serve. As a beneficiary of their expetise, we at Telstar Technology can say that the performance at FTS Safety Academy has been able to meet and exceed our expectations.

Paul Du Plessis - RUWACON

Not only was it a pleasure to communicate with them for the initial arrangements, but we also found their tutoring and training very professional and of a high standard. The whole process was done in the time limit set by our client. We trust that they will be successful in what they do for many years to come.

Caryn Potgieter - IDL Fresh South Africa

FTS Safety Academy conducted training to our staff, for various health and safety courses. Not only was it a pleasure to communicate with them for the initial arrangements, but we also found their tutoring and training very professional, and of a high standard. The whole process was done within the time limit set by our client, and certificates were received timeously.

Our HIRA training provides immediate benefits

A hazard identification and risk assessment course is a transformative journey that empowers you to become a force for positive change. By mastering the art of hazard identification and risk assessment, you contribute to the creation of safer environments and the continuous improvement of organizations and communities.


A hazard identification and risk assessment course transforms you into an intuitive detective, adept at uncovering hidden threats and vulnerabilities within your environment. By honing your investigative skills, you become a vital contributor to the safety and well-being of your organization and community.


Effective hazard identification and risk assessment relies on open and honest communication. The course fosters a collaborative spirit, enabling you to engage with colleagues and stakeholders to share information and devise strategies to address potential hazards and risks.


By mastering hazard identification and risk assessment, you become well-versed in the rules and regulations governing safety and risk management. This knowledge enables you to act as a pillar of compliance, ensuring that your organization adheres to established guidelines and maintains the highest standards of safety.


Identifying hazards and assessing risks is an ongoing process that drives organizational growth. By embracing a culture of continuous learning and improvement, you unlock the potential for unprecedented progress and innovation in safety and risk management.

HIRA Training Course
Don't give up on getting your staff trained and certified. We take the hassle out of setting it up for you.