Uvex Ultravision Ca Smoke/Chem  Goggle

Uvex Ultravision Ca Smoke/Chem Goggle

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Product Features

The uvex ultravision features a comfortable and ergonomic design and offers unrestricted side visibility. This flexible wide-vision goggle is also suitable for use as overspecs and is available with cellulose acetate or polycarbonate lenses, as welding safety spectacles or with a flip-up face guard.

General features

  • classic, ergonomic wide-vision goggle with unrestricted side visibility

  • lenses can be replaced

  • colour of frame: transparent grey

  • clear PC lens

Protection features

  • certified in line with EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 170 (UV filters)

  • Labelling: W 166 349 B CE – 2C-1,2 W 1 B 9 KN DIN CE

  • reliable UV 400 protection

  • high mechanical strength (B: 120 m/s)

Comfort features

  • anti-fog coating on the inside, extremely resistant to scratches and chemicals on the outside (uvex supravision excellence)

  • the wide nose piece makes this goggle particularly suitable for use in conjunction with a respirator

  • optimum wearability due to cleverly designed ventilation system

  • large goggle body, can also comfortably be worn as overspecs

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