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DAZZ All Purpose Cleaner Tablet – Starter Kit

DAZZ All Purpose Cleaner Tablet – Starter Kit

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Product Features

“Formulated to be excellent at cutting through grease, oils, and sticky messes of all kinds.

Makes 2x 750ml. Bottles.


  • Child friendly: We voluntarily list our ingredients on our packaging because we have nothing to hide. We’re proud of our safe selection of natural ingredients and we want our customers to know exactly what they’re buying. Your home will be CLEANER and you’ll rest easier.

  • Pet friendly: DAZZ is formulated with safe, natural ingredients derived from plants and minerals. We actually consume most of the ingredients in DAZZ in our daily diets. Surfaces cleaned with DAZZ are clean, hygienic, and best of all, SAFE.

  • Eco-friendly: DAZZ lets you reuse your cleaning bottles again and again, so you can feel good about the amount of waste you’re saving from landfills.

  • Budget friendly: With DAZZ, you only pay for what you need… the cleaner! Refill your bottle with your very own tap water, drop in a couple of DAZZ cleaning tablets and save a ton of money on your cleaning costs.”