What is workplace safety all about?

Why is workplace safety important in South Africa
October 16, 2020 by
What is workplace safety all about?
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Why is workplace safety important in South Africa? 

When we create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, it reduces danger or harm and protects workers from injury, illness, disability and death.  It also has a significant impact to  reduce illness and injury costs, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and quality, and raise employee morale. 

Safety is good for your business, and caring for the well being of the people you work with is the right thing to do. Safety is about the collective wellbeing and is every ones responsibility. 

So what is workplace safety all about? 

There is no defined answer to this, but safety is a multidiscipline field that cannot be outsourced, at FTS Safety we refer to it as developing "Safety Culture",  and it impacts every aspect of a business; human resources, accounting, operations, strategy, finance and even marketing.   

Its purpose is to is to protect workers and increase the effectiveness of a business.