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September 24, 2020 by
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FTS Safety, Administrator

Best Safety Service Levels in South Africa.
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We have upped our game. having been established in 1981, FTS Safety has first had experience on the urgency of safety.  I need my products yesterday is a common answer from customers placing orders.  So we have upped our game to solve this issue.  Since we were closed by covid,  well our customers were closed, we used that time to work on our business.  How can we be South Africas leading Safety product supplier?  How do we get safety products to our customers when they need it?   The answer was two fold. 

1) Define how we work and let our customers know so that they can plan accordingly. 

To this regard we are in the process of displaying our full product range on our website, hi-res pictures of the safety products , proper descriptions to allow for accurate products selection, size charts for selecting the size right, Safety product alternatives by brands, colour and price and we are encouraging customer reviews, so you can see what others who have bought the product think of it. 

2) Educate our customers of how to properly implement safety in there business.

If you follow us in youtube, instagram, facebook or google.  You will find videos loaded weekly, we are still learning so ignore the basic editing and sometimes poor delivery.  But we are learning and "SafetyTalk" is a video blog intended to share safety industry information and promote safety culture development for those who are interested.  

So to brag, our website has seen an enormous 100% percent success rate for getting orders out on time for the past 3 weeks.  This is largely due to the hard work our supply chain team has put in to ensure that all stock in accurately reflected on the website.  Drawbacks is that customer looking for larger quantities than we have available still need to contact us the old fashioned way, phone, email or contacts page.  You will deal with one of our pleasant Safety Sales Advisors who can assist as per your requirements. 

Our Training Academy has moved: We have moved our Durban Academy to the Hellenic Community Center in Umgeni Park and will reopen our Johannesburg Academy in January 2021.  Unfortunately lockdown impacted us and we chose to save on rental due to the uncertainty. Now that things are looking up we are excited to get back on track.  

Our Safety Coaching and 48hr Safety File turnaround.  hen you think of safety many get tense and mutter some fowl words under there breath at the red tape that the OHS Act prescribes.  To that we say you dont know what you are talking about.  Safety done simply and consistently is easy to implement and not costly, in fact there is much evidence to support that it improves morale of people and as a result productivity. Safety is the excuse to engage with your people and keep them positive and aligned to the companies goals and visions. In fact as we talk about this on "SafetyTalk" we realise more and more how aligned implementing business and safety principals are.   

So please keep checking in, on this website, in-store, with our friendly sales staff, training co-ordinators and safety coaches. As FTS Safety strives to offer the best safety service levels in South Africa. 


Pantelis Eleftheriou AKA Patric and Phada 

Director @FTSSafety