Safety Equipment

Select from a wide range of safety equipment. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

114L Corrosive Cabinet (Self-Closing)
18,488.55 18,488.55 18488.55 ZAR
Msa Cse Kit With Pump & Sampling Line
18,112.50 18,112.50 18112.5 ZAR
Workman CSE Kit, 50' Workman Rescuer, 65' Workman Winch, Stainless Steel Cable, (2) Pulleys, (2) Carabiners (CSA Version)
114L Flammable Cabinet (Self-Closing)
16,392.10 16,392.10 16392.1 ZAR
MSA Latchways Harness
14,112.80 14,112.80 14112.800000000001 ZAR
The MSA Latchways® PRD is a lightweight, unobtrusive personal rescue device that is an integrated full body harness system for self-rescue. In the event of a fall the device lowers the person gently to the ground in a controlled descent.
4 Drum Bunded pallet (Low profile)
7,636.00 7,636.00 7636.0 ZAR
Bund Pallet suitable, 4 x 205ltr drums, low profile, 230ltr bund
Quality Safety Nikki Arc Flash Harness
6,842.50 6,842.50 6842.5 ZAR
This harness is specifically designed to avoid accidents by electrical transmission in work being done at heights. Especially recommended for electricians and work performed in environments where there is a risk of electric discharge.
Yellow Pedestal Eyewash Station
4,975.00 4,975.00 4975.0 ZAR
The TSE150-Y Pedestal eye wash station is manufactured from ABS Plastic and meets
EN1514-1&2 standard
Honeywell BW Clip Gas Detectors H2S
4,895.27 4,895.27 4895.27 ZAR
JPX Pepper Pistol - 10% OC - Self-Defence No License Required (Includes FREE Holster)
4,500.00 4,500.00 4500.0 ZAR
The JPX2 has already proven itself with police and security personnel worldwide and is also becoming increasing popular as a means to protect personal property. And for good reason: It is not a half-hearted backup for an emergency, but a dependable and effective security measure - no matter what the hour. Its precision and range can furthermore be complemented with an optional integrated aiming device with laser function and other high-quality accessories.
MSA 6L 300 Bar Cylinder
4,483.28 4,483.28 4483.28 ZAR
Yellow Wall Mounted Eyewash Station
3,740.00 3,740.00 3740.0 ZAR
The TSB100Y wall mounted eye wash station is manufactured from ABS Plastic and meets
EN1514-1&2 standard
7.5L Type II Accuflow safety can
3,486.65 3,486.65 3486.65 ZAR
8L Steel Bench Can with 248mm Dasher
3,358.00 3,358.00 3358.0 ZAR
Bench Can To Clean Small Parts In Solvents
19L Safety Bench Can (Type 2)
3,335.00 3,335.00 3335.0 ZAR
Viking Ce 150 Red Life Jacket
2,553.00 2,553.00 2553.0 ZAR
The RescYou™ Legacy leisure lifejacket and work vest is extremely comfortable for all day wear. It is fast and easy to do.
2L Steel Plunger Can with dasher
2,394.83 2,394.83 2394.83 ZAR
Plunger Dispensing Can, Perforated Pan Screen Serves As Flame Arrester.
3.8L Steel Plunger Can with dasher
1,994.96 1,994.96 1994.96 ZAR
Plunger Dispensing Can, 3.8 litres, Perforated Pan Screen Serves As Flame Arrester.
Infrared Thermometer NX-2000
1,667.50 917.13 917.13 ZAR
Fast temperature measurement: measuring time is less than 1 second.
Non Contact Infrared Thermometer + Box of KN95 Masks
1,600.00 399.99 399.99 ZAR
Amazing Deal combining a thermometer and a box of KN95 masks.

This CE certified and FDA approved Infrared Thermometer, give accurate temperature readings for adults and children without making contact. BATTERIES INCLUDED