Select from a wide range of Gloves with FTS Safety.  We believe that selecting the right glove can pay for itself in confidence and the speed you can work when you are sure that you are protected. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

Dromex Inferno Fire Fightr Glove
897.00 897.00 897.0 ZAR
Uvex Green C500 foam Gloves
746.18 746.18 746.1800000000001 ZAR
This high-tech safety glove combines all of these qualities with the highest level of cut protection, level 5/C. The uvex C500 foam is especially suitable for dry or slightly damp working conditions.
uvex phynomic c5 gloves
619.00 619.00 619.0 ZAR
Uvex Helix C300 Wet Gloves HPE Coating
458.68 458.68 458.68 ZAR
The damp-resistant cut protection glove. Protection, comfort, tactility and efficiency with level 3/C cut protection
Uvex C300 Foam HPE COATING
458.68 458.68 458.68 ZAR
Uvex Unidur HPPE PU - GREY Glove
325.00 325.00 325.0 ZAR
Disposable Blue Nitrile Gloves Powder Free (Box of 100)
295.00 295.00 295.0 ZAR
Powder-free, disposable examination nitrile gloves with good resistance to chemical substances
Honeywell Green Welding Plus Glove
264.99 264.99 264.99 ZAR
heat protection gloves for MIG and ARC welding and heavy handling.
Dromex Seamless Heat & Cut Resistant Gloves -Leather Face & Fingers (with dotted back)
257.00 257.00 257.0 ZAR
High Abrasion Resistance. High Contact Protection. High Cut Resistance
TAEKI5 Cut5 Leather Glove
233.20 233.20 233.20000000000002 ZAR
Taeki5 Lined Heat & Cut Leather Glove
207.00 207.00 207.0 ZAR
Taeki5 is a high performance composite fibre engineered from core material produced in Germany
Uvex Unidur Foam HPPE Gloves
195.01 195.01 195.01 ZAR
Reliable cut protection with HPPE/fibreglass combination. Maximum blade cut resistance (level 5/C), very high abrasion resistance, very high tear resistance. EN388:4X43C
Dromex Taeki Grey Shell Leather Palm Glove
180.00 180.00 180.0 ZAR
EN388: 4542
2 for 1: Dromex Green Leather Welding Glove 6in 150mm Cuff
149.99 68.00 68.0 ZAR
Buy 1 get 1 Free on this deal!
Short cuff for protection in welding related operations
Dromex Green Welding Glove 16 400Mm Cuff
149.01 149.01 149.01 ZAR
Extra long cuff for protection in welding related operations