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We are an accredited training facility with
branches in Durban, Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg.

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An Accredited Safety Training Facility

Available Training Courses

she representative training

A clearer look at your workplace health and safety.

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first aid training

Learn how to save & preserve lives in the workplace.

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fire prevention training

Prevent and put out unexpected fires in the workplace.

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working at heights training

Get on site with our quick working at heights training program.

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incident investigation training

Prevent accidents with indepth analysis and investigation course.

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risk assessment training

Structure assessments so that all hazards and risks are addressed.

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health legislation training

In-depth understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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scaffolding training

Learn to build scaffolds to the correct specifications.

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evacuation training

Evacuating people in a hurry, proper preparation and emergency evacuation plans.

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flagman training

Flagmen play an important part in warning motorists of construction hazards andin controlling traffic flow.

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cherry picker training

The person credited with this unit standard is able to safely operate and use a Mobile Elevating Work Platform.

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dangerous goods training

Ensure safe loading, conveying and off-loading of dangerous goods according to legal and organisational requirements.

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hazardous substances training

Gain general knowledge of the risks associated with the manufacture, use, handling and storage of dangerous and hazardous substances.

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Confined Spaces Training

FTS Safety’s working in confined spaces course is aimed at unskilled workers and teaches them the essentials of working in confined spaces.

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Occupational Hygiene Training

FTS Safety’s course demonstrates an understanding of the Occupational Hygiene Course teaches learners the concept of Occupational Hygiene in the working place.

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Workplace Fatigue Training

Understanding of the effects and management of fatigue, for self and peers, in the workplace.

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