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Uvex Unipur Nitrile Gloves
72.00 72.00 72.0 ZAR
The uvex unipur 6634 is suitable for precision mechanical work in damp work environments, particularly when working outdoors. EN388:4133
Uvex Unilite Foam Palm Coated Gloves
58.48 58.48 58.480000000000004 ZAR
The uvex unilite 6605 is a lightweight, comfortable knitted glove with breathable nitrile foam coating, which is excellently suited to delicate assembly work and other sensitive activities. EN388:4122
Uvex kid 2 Dessert 46-52 cycling Helmet
739.99 739.99 739.99 ZAR
The uvex kid 2 is a real eye-catcher. Parents will appreciate the fact that the super-light inmould helmet provides reliable protection in every situation.
Uvex Whisper Corded Ear Plug - 1 Pair
12.50 12.50 12.5 ZAR
Easy-to-clean reusable earplugs with 23 decibels insulation
Uvex Unipur PU Finger Coated Gloves
65.38 65.38 65.38 ZAR
The uvex unipur 6639 is suitable for precision mechanical work in dry to slightly damp work environments.
uvex Unigrip Pl Gloves
59.63 59.63 59.63 ZAR
uvex unigrip PL and CL: protective gloves for damp and wet working environments
Uvex Ultrasonic Goggles Blk/Grey Clear
320.00 320.00 320.0 ZAR
Combination components with the uvex ultrasonic combines high mechanical rigidity with maximum wearer comfort – These goggles never press or pinch even when worn continuously.
uvex sportstyle 204 smoke sunglasses
368.99 368.99 368.99 ZAR
The extra-large, decentred lenses of the multisports glasses don't just offer perfect protection against strong sunlight, they also make the sportstyle 204 a stylish option
uvex sportstyle 204 blue spec
369.00 369.00 369.0 ZAR
Uvex Profastrong Chemical Gloves
71.13 71.13 71.13 ZAR
Thanks to its good resistance, the popular uvex profastrong NF33 chemical protection glove really shines when it comes to handling harmful oils, grease and liquids. EN388:4101 EN374 ASKL
uvex pheos white Hard Hat with Ratchet
188.00 188.00 188.0 ZAR
Unique and innovative head protection for demanding working environments
uvex lgl 33 pola- black mat/ltm.silver sunglasses
899.00 899.00 899.0 ZAR
The uvex lgl 33 pola lifestyle eyewear is the perfect companion for your everyday outdoor experience. 100% protection and perfect styling
uvex kid 3 white flower cycle helmet 51-55
769.01 769.01 769.01 ZAR
The ideal model for children to enjoy bike rides with great safety protection
uvex i-vo black sports Cycling Helmet 56-60
899.00 899.00 899.0 ZAR
A beginner-friendly allrounder. uvex i-vo cycling helmet performs superbly in all situations, whether you ride a road bike or take to the trails
Uvex Compact Nitrile Blue 6cm Gloves with Cuff
89.00 89.00 89.0 ZAR
uvex compact – the glove "for rough work". Choose the uvex compact safety glove for rough work and handling coarse materials. EN388:4221
Uvex Carbonvision Clear Goggle
339.91 339.91 339.91 ZAR
lightweight at 46 grams, with high mechanical stability
with uvex supravision extreme coating: extremely scratch-resistant exterior, permanently anti-fog interior
frame in black, grey
PC lens, clear
Uvex Black-Green Finale Jr.1926 Kids Cycling Helmet
770.50 770.50 770.5 ZAR
The ideal model for children to begin to enjoy bike rides with great safety protection
Ultravision Red Gas Tight Fire Goggles
451.78 451.78 451.78000000000003 ZAR
Most of the safety goggles have indirect ventilation. These safety goggles are gas-tight and meet the recommendations of the German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) for protective clothing against infection
Uvex Unigrip Gloves
59.63 59.63 59.63 ZAR
Good grip in wet and dry working areas.
Uvex Unidur Foam HPPE Gloves
176.00 176.00 176.0 ZAR
Reliable cut protection with HPPE/fibreglass combination. Maximum blade cut resistance (level 5/C), very high abrasion resistance, very high tear resistance. EN388:4X43C