Neptun Shova Blk/Blk Gumboot
96.60 96.60 96.60000000000001 ZAR
Shova Gumboots are general purpose PVC gumboot for use in the agricultural and food processing industries
Neptun Shova White/Grey Gumboot
145.00 145.00 145.0 ZAR
Shova White Gumboots are PVC gumboots for use in food processing industries
Neptune Wht/Gry Shosholoza STC Gumboot
232.19 232.19 232.19 ZAR
The Shosholoza Gumboot is a heavy duty knee-length PVC mining gumboot with safety toe protection.
Neptun Shosholoza Stc White
169.48 169.48 169.48 ZAR